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Columbia City Hotel & Fallon Hotel welcomes you to California and especially to Columbia!
Columbia City Hotel Restaurant is open from Thursday - Monday 8:00am-3:00pm and 5:00pm-8:00pm. Our dining room is a living reminder of the past, blended with a menu and service that's in touch with today's trends. Our changing seasonal menu combines our knowledge of French tradition and techniques, with the freshest of California ingredients and influences.
The dining room is also available for weddings, business meetings and special private gatherings.
Columbia City Hotel & Fallon Hotel's What Cheer Saloon is open Tuesday - Sunday 11:30am - at least 7:30pm
Step into the What Cheer Saloon and continue your walk back in time. The name "What Cheer" comes from an Old English greeting. Opened in 1857, the Ale House was popular with miners and merchants who moved into the area during the Gold Rush Era.
The beautiful cherry wood back bar that is the centerpiece of the saloon has been in place since it's arrival in 1857. Originally constructed in Boston, it was then transported by ship "around the horn" to California. It then faced an arduous trip by wagon from the Port of Stockton to the "diggin's" in Columbia. Unfortunately, like the rest of the Hotel, it also fell into disrepair, but was refurbished by the California State Parks Department and continues its place in history today.
Columbia City Hotel & Fallon Hotel have been providing wedding services in Columbia for more than twenty years.
Continue the romance with a room at either the Columbia City Hotel & Fallon Hotel before and after your special day. Both Hotels offer romantic, historically appointed rooms to help you round out plans.
Since the early days of Columbia, the Fallon House Theatre at Columbia City Hotel & Fallon Hotel has provided a venue for touring performers and other entertainers. The Fallon House Theatre has a legacy of nearly 130 years of quality entertainment.

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