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Columbia Candle & Soap Works in Columbia, Tuolumne County, United States | Candles

Welcome to Columbia Candle & Soap Works in Columbia, California! You are invited to come see our Candles and soap being made in our open studio, or if you would like to make your own, visit our extensive candle and soap making supplies section.
Kids of all ages, can dip Candles outside at Columbia Candle & Soap Works' Candle Courtyard on Main Street during the summer months.
Columbia Candle & Soap Works' Candles are made by hand here or by local artists. We create a large variety of handmade Candles for your own home use, or as special gifts. We have one of the largest handmade candle showrooms in Northern California.
The soap we make in Columbia Candle & Soap Works' humble factory is not the harsh soap made from tallow, lard and lye, instead we make our soap using the finest vegetable oils available. Our soaps are especially suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
Please stop by and visit Columbia Candle & Soap Works when you travel to the Sierra Foothills. We are located about two and one half hours East of San Francisco and North of Yosemite National Park. Open 7 Days - Groups are Welcome

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