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Coast Cabins in Manzanita, Tillamook County, United States | Hotel | Self Catering | Vacation Rentals

Coast Cabins is your timeless and intimate Hotel hideaway in Manzanita, Oregon, it's a place of relaxation with beautiful accommodation choices, some with hot tubs and all, private stylish and comfortable. They have vacation rental condos available, Self Catering options and so much more, they're not a traditional inn, lodge or bed and breakfast, they're a whole lot more, and a truly unique experience awaits. Coast Cabins offer in-room amenities including fully equipped kitchens, gas BBQ's, refrigerators, Bose radios, satellite HDTV and so many more wonderful features. They are close to the beach and spa, and have a fitness center, fire pit, WIFI internet and daily housekeeping, and are close to wonderful activities nearby, come enjoy the divine.

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635 Laneda Avenue, PO Box 88
United States
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Self Catering
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Gas BBQ's
Bose Radios
Satellite HDTV
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