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Cleveland Catering Group in Avon Lake, Ohio offers exquisite event Catering at a venue of your choice or a formally catered event at one of their spectacular venues, or just a caterer for your business or group meeting, even a casual dining experience in an outdoor location or even a bite from their fabulous food truck, they can be of assistance. This full service Catering group brings with them the experience and understanding of what is needed to make your event great, and they execute it perfectly every time, as they say in their own words. Cleveland Catering Group can cater for events large and small and venues include banquet and event halls, restaurants and a food truck, as well as off-site Catering services, they can host anything, let them be of service all you have to do is relax and enjoy your guests.

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635 Miller Rd,
Avon Lake
United States
440-933-4739 x4
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