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Welcome to Chocolate Apothecary in Spokane, United States and delight your senses with the rich aroma of pure Chocolate, the touch of a bumpy Chocolate bar and the taste of a steaming hot or icy cold drinking Chocolate.
Discover the intriguing history and drama of the countries from which the world's supply of Chocolate originates. Prestige ~ Gourmet ~ Artisan ~ Micro Batch chocolatiers are defined here by their love of cacao and their unmatched skills in discovery and presentation of the many expressions of Chocolate.
Come in to Chocolate Apothecary,  take a class, ask a question, enjoy and we will meet you here.
Chocolate Apothecary  in Spokane offers an unforgettable Chocolate experience.  We invite you to enjoy all Chocolates ranging from dark, milk, white, organic, sugar free and piping hot European drinking Chocolates all of which are meticulously blended harmonies of world sourced Chocolates created by uncompromising chocolatiers.   Celebrate anniversary, birthday or employee events with Chocolate Apothecary.
On a cold and stormy day in Spokane, in early 2005, Susan Davis, a pharmacy student was returning home after an Organic Chemistry test. Her home was being remodeled while they lived in it, making the prospect of walking through the door less than welcoming. She needed Chocolate.
The next day, as Susan shared her vision with her classmates, the Chocolate Apothecary was born,  a Chocolate pharmacy in old world tradition would be created, emanating the charm, beauty, atmosphere and, most importantly, a nearly inexhaustible variety of Chocolate,  the world's strongest medicine.
A certain solution for virtually all maladies experienced by mortals,  a necessary component for all celebrations,  Chocolate is a magical substance bringing squeals of delight from children, expressions of affection from lovers and shining eyes and hugs from the wise and experienced.

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