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Capt. Clint Moore in Sugarloaf Key, Florida, USA offers excellent adventures with a local including Sugarloaf Key Reef and island excursions anytime between 10am and sunset meeting at the marina docks. This owner operated charter and tour business will take you snorkeling the Looe Key with mangrove and beginner snorkel trips available, great for seeing all the beautiful tropical fish, or relax with family and friends on a vacant sandbar and enjoy lunch and a sunset paddle. Capt. Clint Moore also offers sightseeing Tours with amazing birds and sea life or you can paddleboard the mangroves and enjoy a guided tour, the possibilities are endless. Your captain is also available for hires as a spotter for a paddle or swim race, or to use the boat for a photo shoot or production, and provides a shuttle boat, as well as shows you how to navigate the keys.

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KOA Marina on Upper Sugarloaf Key
Sugarloaf Key
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United States
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