Capone’s Billiard Hall

Capone’s Billiard Hall in Spring Hill, Hernando County, United States | Billiards | Pool | Restaurant

Capone’s Billiard Hall in Spring Hill, Florida, is the popular place where professionals and amateurs regularly flock to, to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes, playing Pool. Our billiard hall is fitted with the best quality tables in the area, it also features a well stocked bar that is conveniently open till late and a Restaurant that serves not only the best wings around but also serves delicious burgers, sandwiches and baskets, all with french fries. Visitors to Capone's Billiard Hall can also enjoy a game of darts, play poker, hoop fever basketball and more, while listening to your choice of music selected from our TouchTunes digital jukebox.

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10463 County Line Road
Spring Hill
United States
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