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Cape Falcon Kayak in Manzanita, Tillamook County, United States | Kayaking | Sea Kayaking | Kayak classes

Cape Falcon Kayak offers sea Kayaking lessons, and kayak building classes in Manzanita, Oregon and other areas. Come build your own kayak and enjoy a wonderful experience, learn a new skill and they design the best skin frame kayaks anywhere, and woodworking skills are not needed plus all materials are supplied, and they can accommodate up to 5 students in their workshop outside Manzanita, with kayaks built in 8 day intensive blocks, and the class running over seven or eight hours a day. Cape Falcon Kayak also offers a sea Kayaking instructional program blending modern and traditional sea Kayaking skills with the focus on skin-kayak specific considerations.

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PO Box 582
United States
503 368 2787
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