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Cafe Fresco in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was established in 2005 and with its Feng-Shui inspired atmosphere, Asian American cuisine, excellent and friendly service, this delightful Cafe and Bar soon became a popular destination where locals and tourists could gather for lively chats and delicious meals that are freshly prepared and affordable. Our Cafe has the perfect setting and atmosphere for hosting Private Parties, rehearsal dinners, business meetings and many other private events, and with our assistance in planning your function, you can look forward to a memorable occasion. Cafe Fresco offers excellent catering for off-site functions as a takeout or which we can deliver well on time.

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215 N 2nd Street
United States
+1 717-236-2599
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Private Parties
Tranquil Setting
Comfortable Environment
Relaxed Atmosphere
Intimate Dining
Affordable Meals