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Welcome to Bodega Bay Kayak in Bodega Bay, California in the United States. Take a break from your ordinary routine to see and do something extraordinary.
Cruise the bay, explore the estuaries, meet the seals of the lower Russian River. No experience is necessary.
Bodega Bay Kayak offers many different tours, customized for your individual taste and needs, whether 4 to 14 kayakers, or more.
We offer many choices and venues to make your experience unforgettable.
Prices include 20 minute on shore guided tour with experienced guide
all equipment
Enjoy the breathtaking views of Bodega Bay Head and the Sonoma Coast with a Wine Country Kayak Tour then stop at a pristine beach to enjoy a picnic lunch accompanied by a good bottle of Sonoma County wine.
A Salmon Creek Solitude tour is a great way to get away from the hustle and
bustle of the busy life. This is a leisurely and quiet tour
along the banks of Salmon Creek.
Experience captivating scenery along the Willow Creek and Russian River edge. Relax while watching birds and seals play where the Russian River and the Ocean meet.
Beginners are welcomed and encouraged at Bodega Bay Kayak in Bodega Bay, California.
Enjoy Bodega Bay, California, and all the surrounding beauty in one of our top of the line kayaks. We offer single and tandem boats and also a 20 minute onshore clinic covering safety techniques and an overall suggested route to take.
Whether experienced or new to Kayaking we offer trained staff that makes your experience the best it can be on the Sonoma Coast.
Enjoy Kayaking Bodega Bay, the Lower Russian River, the Estero Americano or Salmon Creek in California.
You will see an amazing variety of wildlife, migrating birds, seals, otters, rays, Bald Eagles and much more when you come kayak with us

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1580 East Shore Drive
Bodega Bay
United States
(707) 875-8899
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Many Different Tours
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