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Facials at Bliss Facials in Los Altos, California in the United States, begin with a complimentary consultation by our expert skincare specialists in a private and nurturing environment. Come experience the ultimate retreat. You will feel like a royal guest.
Do you need a quick, yet effective facial? Bliss Facials have choices for you. One of our fabulous quick services will give you just what you need. Please allow 45 minutes or less for the fantastic treatment, just for you. Due to time allocated for our express Facials, we will exclude warm milk and fresh rose petal foot soak, and extensive massages we normally provide with all of our full length Facials. For the same reason, we ask our guests to arrive on time to ensure the full treatment.
Supercharged Oxygen Facial treatment is the condensed version of our popular HydrO2 facial. This wonderful facial includes deep cleansing, instant hydration and stimulation to encourage higher cell metabolism for faster collagen production. We finish the facial with an oxygen treatment laced with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You will be supercharged instantly.
Designed to help turn back the clock, the ultimate facial at Bliss Facials in Los Altos, California, involves cutting edge anti-aging technology to restore youth. Experience Sonya Dakar's Fitness Facial with a custom Green Tea Peel followed by gentle, yet effective microdermabrasion and a deeply hydrating treatment drenching your skin with medical grade oxygen saturated in 52 minerals and vitamins. Your skin will reveal a long-lasting brilliance and fresh, new, younger skin. You're never too young to benefit from this treatment.
Bliss signature treatments are unique. You will not find them anywhere. They are indeed very special, just for you!

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