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Welcome to the BlackSalt Restaurant in Washington D.C., United States. Close your eyes at BlackSalt and let your taste buds take you back to the beach.
Mussels are the forgotten shellfish. Neither glamorous like lobster nor exotic like diver scallops, the are sold rather inexpensively in three pound sacks at supermarkets for a quick and easy dinner at home. In Restaurants, mussels are often an afterthought: improperly stored, sloppily cleaned and clumsily cooked.
Chef Jeff Black is always eager to share his knowledge of seafood preparation with customers, and this begins with purchasing the freshest seafood available. BlackSalt Fish Market fulfills his desire to provide chefs at home with the high quality seafood that professional chefs demand.
Fishmonger Scott Weinstein is on hand to guide you through the day's selection, answer questions, and share suggestions and ideas.
Browse the market for BlackSalt special seasonings, oils and condiments and take home the ingredients for a perfect meal.
The complex menu is divided among raw selections, small plates, appetizers and main courses. Two appetizers not to be missed are Icelandic Arctic char, a delicate cousin of salmon served with honey mushrooms, garden peas and the springtime delicacy, fiddlehead ferns and Atlantic blue-fin toro, bathed in truffle balsamic vinegar and accompanied by arugula and strawberry sorbet. The sorbet terminally trendy, but it works.
The low-ceilinged Restaurant tends to be a bit noisy when full, but the decibel level is manageable, while the lighting from the bar and retail section does little to conceal signs of the ravages of age. But the service, from a warm greeting and prompt seating by the maitre d' to careful attention by the personable waiter, Moses, whose lilting accent comes from Barbados and Jamaica, is flawless, with used silverware and soiled napkins promptly replaced and water glasses frequently refilled.
For the truly hungry and adventurous, the BlackSalt Restaurant in Washington D.C., United States has a 12 - course, tasting menu.

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4883 MacArthur Blvd Washington, DC
Washington D.C.
United States
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