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Welcome to Bizaare Avenue Cafe, Lake Worth, United States. Bizaare Avenue Cafe is housed in a building that was originally built in 1926 in downtown
Lake Worth, Florida. Our West Palm Beach Restaurants has been described as being a "Soho" type of underground Cafe. Our interior decor is a cross between an English country house and a trendy Nantucket Island eatery.
You'll find overstuffed chairs and comfy sofas arranged around coffee tables, all of which are for sale. In fact when you take a look around you will notice that everything in the restaurant is for sale. From the art on the walls to the plates
that you're eating on! Hence the name Bizaare! A play of words between a bazaar where you go to buy something and bizarre, out of the ordinary and unusual!
Here at the Bizaare Avenue Cafe, we have created a welcoming, cozy atmosphere where one would feel at home entertaining friends with good food and fine wine in our small but quaint,
75 seat Restaurant. We serve wine in a 4oz glass called the 'Cafe glass' or our very generous 8oz glass.
You will see on our wine list our very own wine label which is available in Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel and Chardonnay. Bizaare Avenue Cafe wines are blended especially together for us by the Morgan Hill Vineyard in California a
and have been available to our customers for the past 2 years. We have omitted
any vintages of wines from our wine list as the vintages available to us change occasionally.
At Bizaare Avenue Cafe, Lake Worth, we will share with you a very satisfying and different art of dining, full of the best ingredients while surrounded in a canvas of color.
With an open heart and a keen eye for the 'Bizaare' pleasures in life, we will bring to you an atmosphere to savor the fine wine and unique cuisine. At 'Bizaare' we will entice your palette and
relax your soul just as we all do with family and friends.

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921 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, Florida
Lake Worth
United States
561 588 4488
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