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Welcome to Big Foot Lodge in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, destined to become your favorite local a la carte restaurant.  Our very experienced staff  at Big Foot Lodge will make your dining experience pleasant and our cooks will leave your mouth watering for more.   Conveniently located right in the middle of downtown Memphis, you'll want to enjoy the unique lodge atmosphere of Big Foot Lodge with log cabin walls and fabulous hunting trophies including bison, caribou, wildebeast, white tail, and antelope as often as possible.

Whether you are in the mood for tender poultry like our deep-fried Cornish game hen, or a couple of 20 oz. rib eye steaks, at Big Foot Lodge we will satisfy your hunger pangs. Complement your fine meal with a drink from our full-service bar.  Big Foot Lodge suggests a 34 oz. draft beer in a cold frosty mug or a glass of wine. Bring your private party (up to 45 guests) and savor domestic and imported beer and our top menu items. Be sure to try our signature drink list.

The Sasquatch Challenge at Big Foot Lodge is if you can finish the "Sasquatch" Burger in 60 minutes, without aid from others, you get the burger for free and you also get your pictore on the Hall of Fame.

Our Sasquatch Challenge Burger is 4lbs of fresh ground-chuck, two pounds of our custom made hamburger bun, and one and a half pounds of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese, SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS TOTAL,  but the fries are optional.

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