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Beacon Motel in Lewes, Sussex County, United States | Motel | Swimming

At Beacon Motel in Lewes, Delaware, we ensure our guests enjoy memorable stays at our conveniently located Motel, where you can enjoy delightful views from the private balcony of your spacious and comfortable room. Our attractive and spacious lobby features a comfortable sitting area where guests can relax and enjoy the tranquility of our delightful saltwater fish tank. Our Motel rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hair dryers, refrigerators, and a daily maid service, and guests are welcome to avail themselves of our Swimming pool and sundeck. Beacon Motel also features a play center equipped with many games to keep children happy and entertained.

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514 E. Savannah Road
United States
(302) 645-4888
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Convenient Location
Hair Dryers
Friendly Staff
Maid Service
Air Conditioning

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