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Welcome to Bay Frames, Fremont, California, United States. In late 1999 Bay Frames was established by the Art Boom owners in Newark, California (between Oakland and San Jose) to provide a high volume, high quality frame shop for better servicing our accounts. The production line frames up to 150 pieces daily, and boxes and ships to stores throughout the U.S. In 2003 we added a gallery onto our production facility, which serves as both a showroom and retail outlet for residential and commercial Framing.
We have done work for Bank of America, Intuit, Toshiba subsidiary, other Silicon Valley companies, local office buildings, decorators, model home builders and other art galleries that have found it more cost-effective for us to do their Framing.
At Bay Frames, Fremont, California, our ability to produce custom Framing in high volume is what sets us apart from the typical gallery and the typical mass production Framing shop. On an average day we?ll make only one, two or perhaps four of a single image Framing treatment. At day's end we'll have 50 to 100 different images and treatments for a total of 150 custom-framed pictures. The average busy gallery may do 15-20 custom jobs daily and the average mass production frame shop may make more pieces, but with a limit of 5-10 different treatments. We also turn around our wholesale and retail jobs in record time ? often the same day and rarely longer than one week.

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