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Welcome to The Bainbridge Island Farmers Market, Bainbridge Island, United States. The Bainbridge Island Farmers Market is a truly local Market; the variety and quality of food and artwork that comes from right here in Kitsap County is astounding. Only handmade, homemade or homegrown products, produced or harvested by the vendors themselves can be sold at the Market. So every time you fill your bags with fresh and flavorful food, you’re helping local businesses flourish.
From the tender spring greens of April to the kaleidoscope of squash in October, you’ll find an ever-changing selection of just-picked produce at the Market. You’ll also find farm-fresh eggs, local seafood, sustainably raised meats, and more.
Fresh-picked bouquets are a revelation at the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market; they stay beautiful for days longer than flowers shipped from thousands of miles away. They’re so alive they continue to blossom after you take them home! And the price makes the deal even sweeter. The colors and shapes change through the season; from the heady lilacs of spring to the brash sunflowers of fall.
Bainbridge Island is home to some very talented artisans, and the Market is the place to find them. All of the crafts are made by hand. From fine fleece clothing to bright children’s flannel, etched glass and pottery, jewelry, and tasty treats for skin and bath, you’ll find a stunning display of local talent every week. There’s even a skilled masseuse to help soothe away the week’s kinks with a relaxing chair massage.

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