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Arrowhead Farm is a place where young and old "discover the magic of horses"! This farm is located on the island of Martha's Vineyard and we take pride in many years of excellence; we are on of the longest-running commercial barns under the same ownership. Arrowhead had 36 acres of fields and trails and has the only one cross-country course on island which is a beautiful, natural course made from stone walls, drop-offs and fallen trees. Both horse and rider can immerse themselves in the up-island splendor.

When visiting the farm one on immediately can see that we believe in continuing the classic and traditional philosophy of horsemanship - the well-being of the horse is paramount, and each program for horse and rider is individually developed.

The horses that board at Arrowhead receive quality training and care. There are routinely turned out to pasture, and given ample exercise. Besides traditional training, Arrowhead now offers the popular clicker training. Trust that when you leave your horse with Arrowhead, the training will be proper and the care meticulous.Arrowhead takes horses in-training, breaks them as youngsters and develops them to their full potential.

Arrowhead's students range from age 4 to 88. Our horses are appropriately matched to the skill of the rider, from ones that are kid-safe and experienced to ones that are more challenging. Our teachers have been praised for their talents and expertise. The love of teaching and horses is truly displayed at every lesson.

Each summer Arrowhead Farm opens its doors to our "Summer Pony Camp". During weekly sessions children from Japan to down-Island come to submerge themselves in the world of horses. It is a place where laughter, smiles and achievements are limitless.

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