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Welcome to Arizona Military Museum in Phoenix, Southwestern, United States. Did you know that the largest escape by German prisoners of war from an American POW camp occurred right here in Phoenix, Southwestern? Did you know that a total of six flags have flown over the state? Did you know that a Civil War battle was fought less than 75 miles from Phoenix, Southwestern? The details of these incidents and many more, plus rare artifacts and fascinating displays are all ready to be discovered at the Arizona Military Museum.
The Arizona Military Museum has recently repainted, renovated our history library, added new displays, and updated previous displays. If you haven't visited Arizona Military Museum in awhile, you'll want to stop by again. The Museum is an official activity of the Arizona National Guard operated by the Arizona National Guard Historical Society, Inc. The purpose of the society is to collect, preserve and display the military history of Arizona. The period of military history covers the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors to the present. Arizona Military Museum strives to be of service to scholars, students, past and present servicemen and women and to the general public.
In a large room, housing the updated Vietnam display, sits a UH-1M Army Helicopter looking much, as it must have thirty years ago, ready for combat over the jungles of southeast Asia. Kids and adults both love to climb into the cockpit, take the controls and let their imaginations fly. Another new display focuses on the Arizona National Guard. It demonstrates how members of our state's Guard participated as support or in actual combat in national and world conflicts from 1865 to the present.

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