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Thank you for yur interest in Anthony's Seafood Group. With more than fifty-seven years of experience in the eafood industry, we provide unequalled quality and service in all aspects of business. From Restaurants to retail food and products to dockside services for fisherman, Anthony's Seafood Group has something for every seafood lover.
Come discover why our Restaurants have been voted San Diego's Best Seafood for more than 7 years in a row. Tha famous Anthony's Fish Grotto provides fresh, quality seafood in a friendly, home-style atmosphere. If you're in a hurry, Anthony's Fishette and Anthony's Fish Grotto Express locations provide fast casual seafood meals that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. For a very special evening, the elegant Star of the Sea Restaurant features fine coastal cuisine and beautiful views of San Diego Bay.
Seafood Products
If you want to enjoy the tastes of the sea at home, try one of our delicious seafood products that are available through selct grocers, markets and our Restaurants.

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San Diego on the Bay
Del Mar
United States
(619) 291 7254
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