Acapulco Restaurant

Acapulco Restaurant in Alameda, Alameda County, United States | Mexican Tex-Mex Restaurant | Mexican Cuisine

Acapulco Restaurant, Alameda, California, United States

In 1953, Modesto and Rose Quintero, both from Mexico, came to Alameda and started the Acapulco Restaurant. Though in 1953, the Acapulco was just a tiny take-out stand, customers came for one reason: authentic, hearty food for their families, prepared by a neighbor they trusted. The family children has since carried the tradion forward.

Try one of our most popular menu items:

Chile Verde Dinner
Tasty pork with green chile, onions and tomatoes,
served with rice and beans

Chile Relleno Dinner
Two delicious chili rellenos with rice and beans

Enchilada Dinner
Two enchiladas (your choice of ground beef, shredded chicken, or fresh Monterey Jack Cheese) topped with your choice of red mole or green tomatillo sauce, served with rice and beans

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2104 Lincoln Ave, Alameda CA, California, United States
United States
510 523 4935
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Mexican Cuisine
Enchilada Dinner
Chile Relleno Dinner
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