Uncovering the Alexandria’s Ancient Past

Fri, Mar 13th 2009, 11:40

Ancient writings show that Alexandria was struck with over 20 major earthquakes between 320AD and 1303 which meant that her ancient city became buried beneath the sea. The exact location of the ancient city remained a mystery.

The efforts of modern scientists are starting to pay off.

The causeway between Pharos and the mainland divides Alexandria harbour into the eastern and western Harbour. The harbour of the Middle Ages was located in what is now the eastern harbour and it is here that archeologists have concentrated their efforts to make a topographic survey of the sunken treasures of Alexandria.

The survey has revealed what would have been the Royal Quarter of ancient Alexandria and archaeologists are piecing together a picture of what the ancient city would have looked like. 1,300 sites are being explored. The most exciting excavation to date is the Kom al-Dikka, which has revealed a well-preserved theatre and the remains of its Roman baths.

The true genius of the ancient water system has come to light, elegantly built underground cisterns with magnificent stone columns. A channel of the Nile was diverted to fill hundreds of underground chambers with water to service the city.

New wonders are unearthed all the time in what was once one of the greatest cities on earth. Scientists believe they have located the great lighthouse, and recently found what is probably the oldest surviving university complex in the world.

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