Top 5 Economies to Watch in 2019

Thu, Feb 14th 2019, 11:26

With the New Year well underway, businesses are preparing themselves for making a big scoop in 2019. But economies go up and down all the time, and what was big last year may no be this year. Nevertheless, there are always a select few economies that everyone likes to keep an eye on. Why is this important? Because business is business. If the top economies fold, so does everyone else. For corporate travellers looking to sign the big deals, this would be a disaster.

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After that, you’ll want to take your trip to the big economies.

Here are the ones to watch and do business with in 2019:


The East is on the rise, and will certainly overtake or be equal to the West in economic influence at some point in the next few decades. Despite trade tariffs imposed by the US and an estimated slowing down of the economy overall, China could still surprise everyone - much like it has over the past few years. With a GDP of 12.24 trillion USD, China’s rise is extremely unlikely to stop and the US tariffs will be more of a short term squeeze than long term damage. Trade and business are still going to resume and investors are not going to stop pouring money into it, and as one of the top manufacturing nations in the world, China’s relevance will be felt for a long time.


With the news that India’s GDP is likely to surpass that of the US by 2030, these next few years are going to be pivotal for its overall development. Not only that, but it’s still the fastest growing economy in the world - now you know where your business travels should take you first. Its services sector contributes 50% of the nation’s overall GDP, and as such will determine India’s growth this year. If there’s one economy you need to watch carefully, it’s India’s.


One of the most open nations in the world, both in terms of markets and immigration, Singapore holds an essential and unquestionable place in the world’s economy both in its services and exports. With a GDP of 323.9 billion USD, Singapore is doing well; but it has shown signs of slowing down. But this has not hindered its determination and is the reason why it graces this list. For all we know, 2019 could be Singapore’s year.


Still the strongest world economy (19.39 trillion GDP), the US fights on - even though it has tough competition from China and India. While many agree that it will soon fall behind China (and possibly India), its dominance is still felt. Despite tariff impositions, the domestic economy is still fairly strong. But you should pay close attention. It can flip in a good or bad way. If you’re planning on investing or have stocks in the US, it may be best to watch the markets like a hawk. Something great or dire could well happen in 2019 that takes the US off the top of the list.


Brexit might be at the top of every economist's mind currently, but the UK should still be considered a top player. With the economy at 2.622 trillion USD, there may well be a slither of light at the end of Britain’s economic tunnel. Whether Brexit will lead to calamity or success is still hotly debated, but it could come out surging. Pay close attention as your stock’s value may well alter in ways you can’t imagine.


Written By William Sale

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