Seychelles Secrets: Seychelles Lemongrass Tea

Thu, Mar 10th 2011, 18:23

Enjoy the Secrets of the Seychelles Islands

Something you need to add to your MUST TRY while on Holiday in the Seychelles Islands - is Citronella tea or also known as Lemongrass tea. You will find this growing in the gardens of Chalets Anse Forbans and can be brewed with the least amount of fuss. All you need to do is cut a few leaves off, rinse then, then soak them in hot water in a tea pot- leaving for 5 minutes ( all depending on the strength you prefer) drain and add sugar if you require. 
Lemongrass is more than a tea enjoyed by many not only in the Seychelles Islands but it is also is used in medicinal, cosmetic, culinary as well as an insect repellent.
Lemongrass or Citronnel belongs to the Poaceae plant family and is unique to tropical climates. Where the conditions are suitable it can grow to 1.5m in height with stems that are dense and long thin leaves. As a result of its dense stems it often can be crushed to release its aromatic oils. Alternatively the outer casing is peeled off and only the lower white tender part of the stalk is finely chopped or crushed before using. When used for culinary purposes it is preferred to be in its dried form. 
In its medicinal role it is often used to treat fevers. The lemongrass steam can be inhaled under a blanket or a handful of leaves placed in a mesh bag can be held under running bath water allowing you to enjoy a relaxing bath,  and at the same time aiding to reduce the symptoms of a fever.
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