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Weather in the Seychelles Islands

The Weather of the Seychelles is relatively stable year round and The Seychelles islands do not experience weather extremes. Many people ask me when is it Winter in the Seychelles- my answer never!!The Seychelles does not experience radical temperature changes. The temperature in the Seychelles rarely will go below 24°C or rises above 32°C providing for a warm climate all year round. Does it not sound wonderful when you are sitting in the cold dull dark winters!!

Seychelles however does experience winds that influence the sea condition: The North-West Trade winds usually occur between October and March and the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with average winds of 8-12 knots.

In the months of January and February the islands receive their rains and a whole new island emerges with new lush foliage.

The months between May and September bring drier, cooler weather and winds of 10-20 knots.

Further information on the Seychelles Weather can be found on the Seychelles Meteorological Services official website.

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