Palm Jumeirah

Mon, Jan 26th 2009, 12:20

Palm Jumeriah is part of a grad plan to increase the beachfront property in Dubai by some 520 kilometres and celebrities are swarming to buy property in the land where sunshine is guaranteed.


Palm Jumeirah is one of three palm shaped islands due to be constructed by Dubai. The palm shape design guarantees the maximum exposure to water frontage of any island design. The trunk of Palm Jumeirah features an eight lane motorway feeding traffic from the mainland through a sea tunnel and feeding the 17 fronds branching off from it.

The fronds are lined with luxury villas and hotels and international celebrities and millionaires are clamouring to join the ranks of property owners in what has been dubbed the eighth wonder of the world. Land reclamation began in 2001, pouring sand fill onto the sea bed in layers using a technique called rainbowing. The 11 kilometre long breakwater has natural rock along its length to provide a habitat for sea life.

Palm Jameirah will be the smallest of the three palm shaped islands being planned. The Palm Jebel Ali will be more than double the size. The other is the Palm Deira.

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