The Middle East and the End of Oil

Fri, Feb 6th 2009, 10:17

Abu Dhabi is leading the United Arab Emirates in preparing for a future where they cannot expect their huge oil revenues to continue. They have embarked on a brave new initiative to develop alternative energy solutions for a world without oil.

The Masdar Initiative, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, seeks to form partnerships and engage all the role players in the search for solutions to the most pressing environmental issues of our day, issues such as energy security, the effects of climate change and need for sustainable lifestyles. They wish to place Abu Dhabi on the map as a hub for the development of new energy technologies, to remain a global energy supplier even after the end of oil.

Masdar City is an exciting part of the plan, a new city to be established in the heart of Abu Dhabi which aims to be the most sustainable city in the world - a zero carbon, zero waste city powered solely by renewable energy. What is now a space in the desert is the canvas.

Work has started on building a solar farm to harness the suns energy for the construction of the city - a world first. 41 solar systems from 33 suppliers will be used. Their efficiency and suitability to the harsh desert climate will be monitored to see which system is the most effective. After this, work will begin on Masdar Headquarters using the most cutting edge renewable energy technologies available.

Masdar City will cost at least 20 billion Dollars to make a reality and the leadership of Abu Dhabi are determined to make this dream a reality. The city will be a car-free zone with a cutting edge rapid transport system envisaged which will transport people effortlessly to within 100 metres of any destination in the city.

Masdar City will sit on stilts above the ground to reduce the heat that rises up from the desert floor and promote air circulation. The project aims to attract international investors who are big players in advanced energy technologies. General Electric is mooted as being the first founding tenant of Masdar City.


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