Almas Tower, Highest Construction in Dubai

Mon, Jan 19th 2009, 11:17

Almas Tower is an impressive skyscraper that will top 360 metres (1,181 feet) to become the tallest building in Dubai.

Almas Tower has been topped, ie. the top floor has been constructed, and is due to come on line during 2009.

Almas means diamond in Arabic and the Almas Tower will house the Dubai Diamond Exchange. It will have a diamond vault and cutting edge security systems in place. This 65 storey building sold out office space in the first day it came on the market and promises to be a hub for commodities industries in Dubai.

Almas Tower is located on its own artificial island, a centrepiece of the Jumeirah Lake Towers Development located alongside Dubai Marina.

Jumeirah Lake Towers will consist of 26 clusters of 3 towers, each surrounded by a network of artificial lakes and waterways. When fully occupied the development will house about 60,000 people and an additional working population of 120,000. There will be 4 hotels, 5 playgrounds, 3 mosques. 25 of the towers were ready for occupation by the end of last year.


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