Airfares increasing, blamed on cost of jet energ

Mon, Mar 14th 2011, 09:37

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For the sixth time since January 1, most airlines have increased their standard prices. Fare increases are generally an industry-wide move, with a few holdouts. This increase is significant since the usual holdout, Southwest, has followed suit. The increase is being blamed on rising oil prices.

Airfare tickets costing increasingly more

There was a $60 increase this year in the average airfare ticket prices, in accordance with airline industry states. Rather than paying $200 for a ticket at the beginning of the year, you'll pay $260. This is the average increase. Not all of the airlines did this price adjustment though. The increase wasn’t something they needed to do. The costs go down typically unless all airlines raise them. Even though normally Southwest Airlines doesn’t raise its costs, it did this time. The most recent $10 increase occurred at Southwest too.

Gasoline costs for low-cost airlines

Southwest Airlines are one of several low-cost airline service providers in the U.S.. Unlike larger airlines, Southwest Airlines tries to stay away from adding fees like this. This is so consumers won’t be upset and will continue flying with the company. JetBlue and AirTran are also low-cost carriers that try to keep their prices low. These lower profit margins, however, open the carriers up to more price volatility. When the cost of a barrel of oil goes up by $10 to $20, the airlines often raise their per-ticket price by a similar amount. Three times the income Southwest made in 2010 could be spent in 2011 with about $1.3 billion on fuel, which the Southwest CEO explained.

Paying more and more to travel around

Airline fares are going up. Along with it, traveling in the United States is becoming something more money has to be spent on. There are not very several options for individuals traveling long distances. Certainly airlines are always a choice. Higher fuel costs means that driving is an option, however a poor one. It almost costs the exact same as an airfare ticket for the long distance trip due to this. Bus service is also experiencing a rise in cost, thanks to increasing oil costs. Now, a train ticket would cost $150 that cost $50 in 2008 while there aren’t several choices for travel even though it is a choice. High-speed rails are nevertheless more theory than practice.

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