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Roche Harbor is not only beautiful, but offers wonderful activities unique only to the Northwest. If you are looking for fun and want to enjoy yourself surrounded by unsurpassed scenery, try an adventure offered by San Juan Safaris leaving from our docks at the Marine Adventure Center in front of the restaurant - sea Kayaking and whale watching can be enjoyed daily from April until the end of September. A naturalist guide will answer any questions you might have along the way and will familiarize you with the surrounding wildlife and terrain. See sea lions, bald eagles, blue herons, sea birds, Orca whales, dolphins, seals, otter and other wildlife, as well as magical sunsets on the evening treks.

Come see why the whales love the west side of San Juan Island more than anywhere else in the Northwest.

On the 3-hour Kayaking tour, with San Juan Safaris approximate 2.75 hours are spent on the water both paddling and stopping to listen to your guide who will be interpreting the natural history, marine mammals, sea birds, geography and surrounding area. This is not a fast paced trek. We like to think of it as a 'friendly' paddle, leisurely gliding along with everyone being able to see what they are interested in and no one left behind. San Juan Safaris tours are limited to 10 guests (or less) per guide. This ratio of guests to guide allows for maximum safety and personalized attention.

Roche Harbor, United States is on the north west side of San Juan Island. Depending on the currents, wind, and tide exchange your guide may choose to pass through the harbor and head north west or pass through the harbor and head due south. The coastline has the most abundance of wild life.

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