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Hello and welcome to The Pig and Fish Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States. The Pig + Fish! We are located at 236 Rehoboth Avenue in beautiful downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We are a family owned and operated full-service Restaurant with one goal in mind: making you feel at home!
You may be asking yourself, why ?The Pig + Fish?? Who doesn't like to occasionally EAT LIKE A PIG or DRINK LIKE A FISH? The four of us certainly do!! So we put our heads together to come up with a name that would encompass our love for food & fun and also be easy to remember. After much research, we found out that fish and pigs have rich and storied meanings spanning many cultures over the ages. Pigs are a symbol for good fortune, intelligence and nourishment (the last part is very important for a Restaurant, don?t you think?), while fish traditionally represent happiness and plenty (just the way we?d like you to feel about us).
And so, The Pig and Fish Restaurant Company was born.
Whether you?re by yourself or with family and friends, you can relax and have fun. Grab a seat at our intimate, fireside bar while you decide between a cold beer or a handcrafted martini and check out the big game on one of our flat screen t.v.s. If to ?see and be seen? is more your style, get here early for one of our tables overlooking Rehoboth Avenue for the best people watching! We specialize in unique food at affordable prices in a casual and comfortable setting. No matter if you are looking for a quick drink after work, dinner with the family or have a special occasion to celebrate, The Pig + Fish is waiting for you!

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236 Rehoboth Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, DE
Rehoboth Beach
United States
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Family Owned
Full Service
Flat Screen Tv
Unique Food
Handcrafted Martini
Cold Beer

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