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Mine-O-Grams provides unique personalized portrait party favours based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the United States is sure to provide a lasting memory of your special event while guaranteeing a ?fun? time in the process!

"Dream Scene" technology allows Mine-O-Grams to superimpose guests on magazine covers, with famous celebrities or have them become part of the action in a sports scene. Nothing is ever put on the guests' heads or bodies, we just superimpose our "Dream Scene" magic.

Portrait Favors include magnets, key chains, mirrors, buttons, snow globes, t-shirts, photo viewers, mouse pads, mirror compacts, fantasy I.D. cards, lucite favors, colorful matted novelty frames, posters, sport cards, boxer shorts, photo clips, bobble heads, and more.

Magazine Covers
Guests can explore stardom as they pose on a magazine cover with their favorite celebrities, or transformed into a sports action scene. We can provide customized backgrounds for your theme.

Want a party that will be remembered for years and years by all who attended, then Mine-O-Grams is the firm for you in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Mine-O-Grams will make your party rock. The children will love it, the adults will have a blast. You can make everyone happy because no one else offers the incredible variety and skill.

Mine-O-Grams will make your wedding the most talked about reception your guests have every attended. Specific favours that add an air of sophistication and remembrance that your guests will cherish. Exquisite framed pictures of your guests with the bride & groom in the background. A tasteful dish with the picture of your guests in the middle & an inscription of your wedding. A beautiful mirror with and inscription of the wedding and a picture of your guests. A modest sized (8x10) Dream Scene poster featuring the bride & groom with a picture of your guests stylishly done.

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