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Hello and welcome to Memories, Port Washington, United States. Memories, Port Washington dates back to 1934 and today, after careful restoration and remodeling, Memories captures all the rustic charm associated with Wisconsin's north woods here in Ozaukee county.
Leo Weiler built the main ballroom in 1934 originally known as "Weiler's" Log Cabin Ballroom for over 50 years. It has touched the lives of countless individuals. This grand old lady was built in a time and a way which could not be possible today. Constructing a saw mill right on the building site, Weiler built the Dance hall using Tamarack trees from a nearby swamp. Built as a Dance hall during the big band era, much consideration was given to the floor itself. The Dance floor is 2400 sq. ft. of suspended hard wood maple. The fact that it is a suspended Dance floor means that there is no fatigue factor on the legs from a hard surface. All Dancers comment on the difference this makes in being able to enjoy dancing.

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