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LaSalette Restaurant, Sonoma, California, United States

LaSalette Restaurant serve Inventive, Contemporary Portuguese Cuisine in the heart of the Sonoma Valley Wine Country. Chef Azevedo cooks up a storm at the open, wood-burning oven, a meticulous eye given to each and every presentation. The aroma of house-baked bread intermingled with sizzling sardines and Portuguese spices wafts through the casual, contemporary Restaurant d├ęcor and out to the terrace beyond. Patrons feel as if they are dining in the Chef's own home ~ a welcoming atmosphere made warm and cozy amid hanging brass cookware, wooden tables fashioned from old wine boxes, burlap draperies, and Portuguese hand painted pottery. By day, diners enjoy a casual lunch on the terrace of wood oven baked sardines, or linger over an evening meal served al fresco under the stars while listening to Fado, the traditional music of Portugal.

LaSalette Restaurant's wine list consists mainly of Portuguese and Sonoma favourites, carefully selected to complement and enhance the menu. The offerings include a large selection of Ports, Madeiras, and Muscatels.

LaSalette Restaurant has thrived and is celebrating its eleventh year, now in a new location down a quiet via just off Old Sonoma's Plaza.

Portuguese Cuisine is a prime example of the Mediterranean diet. It uses many common ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, onion, garlic and wine. Portuguese dishes are made more interesting because of their emphasis on seafood and the use of ingredients from Portugal?s former colonies throughout the world. Rice from the Orient, hot peppers from Africa, cinnamon, cloves and ginger from India, and the New World products of potatoes, tomatoes and cod from Newfoundland find their way into many classic dishes.

His Bacalhau ~ a baked layering of thinly sliced potatoes and olive oil poached salt cod, caramelized leeks and black olive coulis finished with olive oil and sliced quail egg ~ will raise a pleasured brow in both a "steeped in tradition" Portuguese customer as well as the sophisticated, four-star Restaurant enthusiast. The menu reflects the commitment of Chef Manuel and his staff to create the unique culinary delights of Portugal. Cozinha Nova Portuguesa is a new cuisine, pioneered at LaSalette Restaurant, inspired by traditional Portuguese classics from its present day territories and former colonies. These modern dishes are prepared using refined cooking techniques and presentation while highlighting the freshness, quality and seasonality of ingredients. Simply, classic Portuguese Cuisine meets California Cuisine. Many of these dishes arrive steaming hot out of the wood-burning oven and fill the dining room with the exotic aromas of true Portuguese Cuisine.

Few Portuguese Restaurants exist in America; authentic Portuguese Cuisine remains a fresh, tantalizing treasure in the culinary milieu. Chef Manuel Azevedo's LaSalette Restaurant is leading the way in the northern California fine dining scene, as well as defining Portuguese Cuisine with his "Cozinha Nova Portuguesa" signature at a national level. Awards, reviews and accolades for LaSalette continue to blossom as food writers, Restaurant reviewers and discriminating diners seeking exemplary gastronomic experiences discover the rewards of exploring this relatively unknown cuisine.

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