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Epiphany Restaurant in Glen Cove, Cheboygan County, United States | Italian Restaurant

An epiphany is a revelation. It is when something seemingly mild happens and goes from a simple occurrence to a significant episode. Every now and then we all have epiphanies. We usually do not expect to be altered by events or thoughts when the transformation occurs, but we are indeed impacted.
Epiphany Restaurant is tucked away in Glen Cove, Michigan, United States. It is set back from the main road. The outside of Epiphany Restaurant is modest but nonetheless appealing. But when you enter the restaurant, you will see a beautiful mahogany bar which is fully stocked with the basic liquors as well as the newest, most exciting vodkas, grappas, cognacs and ports wines. The lounge area is relatively spacious yet cozy and intimate s you turn the corner to enter the dining room, you are faced with a baby grand piano and an elegantly set dining area.
The colors of Epiphany Restaurant in Glen Cove, Michigan, are burgundy and ivory. The art which dresses the restaurant walls hangs for several months before the next rotation of artwork arrives. Epiphany Restaurant is something of a gallery. The paintings or sketches or photographs are the works of talented local artists who allow their respective works to be exhibited at Epiphany for an agreed upon period of time. The artwork is on consignment here. When clientele is interested in a piece, the picture may be purchased at that time or another may be ordered, unless, of course, it is an original.
So there are special events, music, art and fabulous wines. Well, the most important thing in a restaurant is the food. The cuisine at Epiphany Restaurant is exquisite. The appetizers, pastas and entrees are fairly priced and plentiful.enu consists mainly of Italian classic dishes from Rigatoni Filetto di Pomodoro (delicious plum tomato sauce) to Veal Milanese Capricossa (tender veal cutlet topped with tomatoes and onions in a balsamic vinegar dressing). There are also delicious meats such as filet mignon and braised short ribs of beef.

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284 Glen Street
Glen Cove
United States
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Italian Restaurant
Relatively Spacious
Beautiful Mahogany Bar
Fully Stocked
Baby Grand Piano
Dining Area
Elegantly Set Tables