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Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant in Deer Isle, Hancock County, United States | Portuguese Restaurant

The Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant, nestled in the ocean hillside of Deer Isle in Maine, United States, offers exquisite Portuguese dishes of seafood and prime meats. Well known to the Island for her superior flavors and dishes, Chef Suzen Carter welcomes you to a very unique dining experience found only at The Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant.
All of the seafood used in her dishes are catch of the day provided by her fisherman husband Bradley, the flavors are intoxicating and only the very best prime cuts of meat are found in her kitchen ensuring consistency in quality. Suzen, raised on the Island of St. Michael, Azores, was brought up surrounded by homemade family pride Portuguese cooking. Her talent is a gift from God and a calling to serve the public. With 50 years of experience, love and addiction, she has created some of the finest dishes found in Deer Isle, Maine. Her array of European style desserts and breads to be appreciated visuallly and by taste is certainly a dream come true for one with a sweet tooth and a desire to satisfy the palate.
The Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant in Deer Isle, Maine, offers indoor seating with magnificent ocean views and beautiful sunsets. If you choose, you can sit out on the open deck and enjoy the fresh air, listen to the sound of the crickets as well as the waves kissing our beach at the majestic Goose Cove, only in Maine, at The Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant.
We also host/cater wedding and other functions. If you are interested in renting our lodge or outside deck for a function or special event, we look forward to serving you and sharing our peace of heaven with you.

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Goose Cove Road
Deer Isle
United States
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Portuguese Restaurant
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