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Welcome to Alexander Phillips Clock Shop, Bar Harbor, United States. The minute you enter this quaint Clock Shop you are struck by the ticking of centuries of time. The rich patina of mahogany and warm hues of brass speak volumes of the Clockmaker's art, and remind us of a level of craftsmanship and detail seldom seen in this day. Whether you are looking for a special time piece, or need one repaired, we hope you'll visit the Clock Shop here on line, or in person on your next trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.
Alexander Phillips,Clock Shop is pleased to offer a selection of ship's clocks and other quality instruments by Weems & Plath.
Weems & Plath have been producing some of the finest navigational tools and products since 1928.
Alexander Phillips,also offers repair services for all brands of ship's clocks.
This cluttered workshop is filled with antique and new clocks, watches and barometers. Alexander Phillips specializes in the repair, restoration and sales of grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, cuckoo clocks, ship's bells and much more.
If you have a clock or watch that hasn't worked in days, months or even years, bring it in to Alexander Phillips and he will get it ticking again. If you are looking for a clock that brings back childhood memories of holidays and grandparents or if you are looking for a clock to start memories of your own, chances are you will find it at the Clockmaker, Alexander Phillips in Bar Harbor.

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110 Main St. Bar Harbor, ME
Bar Harbor
United States
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