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The Falkland Islands is an overseas territory of the UK, but is also claimed by Argentina and known as Islas Malvinas. Anchored in the South Atlantic Ocean, this remote archipelago into one of the world's most prestigious wildlife destinations. There are two main islands: East and West Falkland, and about 200 small islands. Everything outside the capital, Stanley, is known locally as camp, and no visit to these enchanting islands is complete without visiting some of the more remote destinations, to enable you to fully appreciate the unique environment and wildlife which exists. Visitors to the Falkland Islands can enjoy excursions around the capital of Stanley on foot or by bus, or venture out of town and experience the island's spectacular flora and fauna by plane, boat or 4WD.

Regions in Falkland Islands

Today, Stanley lies at the centre of East Falkland's road network, and is the main shopping centre on the islands. The Falkland Islands Company owns s... READ MORE

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