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Ecuador is the smallest country in the rugged Andean highlands.Nevertheless, Ecuador has an array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, otherworldly volcanic landscapes and dense rainforest and 2,237 kilometres of coastline ... and all that in a nation no bigger than the US state of Nevada! Cotopaxi in the Andes is highest active volcano in world.

Regions in Ecuador

Chimborazo is a province in Ecuador, located in the central Ecuadorian Andes, containing a section of Sangay National Park. The capital is Riobamba. T... READ MORE

With a population of over 3 million people, it is the most populous province in Ecuador. It is the fourth largest province in the country in terms of ... READ MORE

Pichincha is a province of Ecuador located in the northern sierra region; its capital and largest city is Quito. It is bordered by Imbabura and Esmera... READ MORE

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