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Turkey is a land with one foot in Europe and one in the Middle East. Turkey's capital Istanbul was the end point of the Silk and Spice roads. Browse the Spice Bazaar or cruise along the Bosphorus which marks the gap between the Europen and Asian continents.

Turkey is the guardian of many sacred sites revered by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, and is littered with the historic remnants of early Greek civilization, Byzantine majesty, and Ottoman culture and artistry. Mount Ararat, in the far east of the country is the legendary landing place of Noah's Ark. Turkey is a feast for the senses, to spectacular cuisine, beautiful beaches, fascinating landscapes and a rich cultural heritage.


Regions in Turkey

Aegean Region, is one of the 7 census-defined regions of Turkey, and in Eurasia, and is located in the west part of the country, bounded by Aegean Sea... READ MORE

Antalya Province is the centre of Turkey's tourism industry, attracting 30% of foreign tourists visiting Turkey. The province of Antalya corresponds t... READ MORE

Cukurova is a geographic, economic and cultural region in south-central Turkey, covering the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay.  Mos... READ MORE

It has an area of 5,196 km² and a population of 12,573,836 (2007 est). The population was 10,018,735 in 2000. It is surrounded by the provinces o... READ MORE

Izmir is a province of Turkey in western Anatolia on the Aegean coast, whose capital is the city of Izmir. On the west it is surrounded by the Aegean ... READ MORE

The Marmara Region, with a surface area of 67.000 km², is the smallest but most densely populated of the seven geographical regions of Turkey.... READ MORE

The Mediterranean Region is one of Turkey's seven geographical regions, and is a mountainous region which runs parallel to sea and in most places.... READ MORE

87% of the land area is mountain, leading up to the rocky heights of the central Taurus Mountains, the highest peak is Medetsiz (3,584 m) in the Bolka... READ MORE

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