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Romania is a unique country that captures the imagination: from medieval towns in Transylvania, painted monasteries, and traditional villages to the magnificent architecture of Bucharest. Transylvania, Moldavia, Walachia – the names roll of the tongue and conjure up fairy-tale castles and majestic mountains. The 225 kilometre Black Sea coast features remnants of ancient Greek culture dating back to 7th Century BC. Famous health spas are credited with curing everything from arthritic, rheumatic, internal and nervous disorders. Take a mud bath with mud taken from the area's salty lake waters. The Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps offer world-class mountain resorts and some of the cheapest skiing in Europe.

Regions in Romania

Bacau is a county of Romania, in Moldavia, with its capital city at Bacau.... READ MORE

The Black Sea is an inland sea bounded by southeastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Anatolian peninsula (Turkey) and is ultimately connected to the At... READ MORE

Bucharest is the largest city and capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania, and is situated on the banks of the Dam... READ MORE

Crisana is a geographical and historical region divided today between Romania and Hungary and named after the Cris River.... READ MORE

The territory of Dobruja comprises Northern Dobruja, which is part of Romania, and Southern Dobruja, which belongs to Bulgaria. The territory of the ... READ MORE

An initially independent and later autonomous state, it existed from the 14th century to 1859, when it united with Wallachia as the basis of the moder... READ MORE

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