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Fosen is a traditional district in Trøndelag, consisting of the municipalities Osen, Roan, Åfjord, Bjugn, Ørland, Rissa, Agdenes, Snillfjord, Hemne, Hitra and Frøya. The district is dominated by forested valleys, lakes, coastal cliffs but also shallow areas, and in the interior mountains reaching up to 700 m elevation. The western coast has many skerries and some islands, such as Stokkøya in Åfjord. There are some good salmon rivers, and sea eagles and other sea birds are very common along the coast, notably on the shallow area near Ørland (Grandefjæra).

Bays in Fosen, Norway

Bjugn is a municipality in Sor-Trondelag county, Norway. It is part of the Fosen region. Botngard and Lysoysund are located in Bjugn. Botngard is the administrative centre of Bjugn municipality, Norway. Its population (2008) is 1,851 of the 4,575 inhabitants in Bjugn....

Hoybakken is a village in the municipality of Bjugn in Sor-Trondelag county, Norway. It is located along the Stjornfjord, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of the municipal center of Botngard....

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