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Latvia is an ancient link between west and east. Prior to occupation by the Soviet Union, Latvia was one of the most dynamic parts of Europe. Since the collapse of the Soviet system, Latvia has been struggling to regain its strength and place in the world.

Capital city of Latvia, Riga, was established in 1201. Once called the Paris of the north, Riga is the cosmopolitan hub of the Baltics. The Old Town is a feast of elegant and whimsical architecture covering the periods from the Medieval to Art Nouveau. They lie uneasily alongside Soviet-era concrete structures and a sprawling industrial area.

In Riga you'll find good food and nightlife, with a growing international flair. Outside the capital be prepared to step back into history.

Latvia's 531 km coastline is known as the Baltic Riviera. The 150 year old resort of Jurmala (Latvian for ‘seashore') was popular with the Soviets in the 60s and 70s. Many retired ex-military men built stately homes in the Art Nouveau style and now the resort's architecture is as much a draw card as the 30km sandy beach. Over one third of the 12,000 buildings are considered historic, with 1,000 protected by UNESCO


Regions in Latvia

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