Nago-Torbole is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Trento in the Italian region Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, located about 30 km southwest of Trento on the shores of Lake Garda. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 2,434 and an area of 28.4 km. The municipality of Nago-Torbole contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Torbole, Nago, and Tempesta. Nago-Torbole borders the following municipalities: Arco, Riva del Garda, Mori, Molina di Ledro, Brentonico, and Malcesine. Torbole is situated on the extreme north-western appendix of the Baldo chain and it is set as an amphitheatre on the lake Garda, 67 metres from the sea-level. The lake, once only valuable to fishers and traders, is still our most precious resource together with Mount Baldo with its 2079 Mt. of height, which was once an inexhaustible mine of firewood and game though now it is a protected area for its rare flora, sometimes even endemic. All along the promenade of Torbole there is a pavement, 2 km long: At its ends there are the well-equipped public beaches: Conca d’oro, Parco Pavese and Villa Cian. -S. LUCIA ROMAN ROAD This ancient roman road is a line of communication between the lake and Adige Valley. You can reach Nago from the centre of Torbole skirting the spur of Penede Castle through a very charming environment of olive trees and overhanging rocks. -BUSATTE ZONE It’s a marvellous rocky landscape that lies over Torbole ; now covered by evergreens but once bare ruin of sliding rocks. From here you can easily reach Nago by the Tenin road. -PENEDE CASTLE Starting from Nago lot’s of signals follow one another, which will lead you to the ruins of the Castle. A fixed course through the charming ruins of the manor will take you back to Nago. - GIANTS’ POT-HOLES They are characteristic well-preserved erosions and also one of the most interesting and rare testimonies of the Ice Age in the Alpine region. - TORBOLE BELVEDERE AND NAGO FORTRESS Place with an exraordinary view where the tradition says that a tower of the ancient Castle of Torbole rose. From there you can carry on towards Nago following the old road at present very little used. - TORBOLE-ARCO CYCLE TRACK It starts from the Bridge on Sarca River and goes to Arco skirting the principal affluent that lets in the lake Garda. THE LOCAL GASTRONOMIC TRADITION is based on some typical elements of the Trentino simple plain fare such as polenta and game. The closeness of the lake though has enriched the tables of Torbole and Nago with really tasty fishes, such as the salmonated trout, the pike, the perch, the coregone and many others. Moreover the milde climate has favoured the cultivation of olive trees (probably the most Northern of Italy) that produce a really pure oil, aromatic but delicate to the food it goes with.

And what about the so tasty fruit? The figs, that even Goethe appreciated so much, the plums, the peaches, the apples...All this fruit has grown in the best way in the Alto Garda microclimate and has acquired a really particular, even unique flavour. Just think about the figs or as regards vegetables, the famous broccoli of Torbole. TYPICAL RECIPES: Bigoi co le aole (a lacustral fish) spaghetti with sardelle (another kind of fish), the Zisam (aole-fish with onions) and the Peverada with luganeghe (a typical sausage) and polenta. A classic main course is carne salada e fasoi (a particular kind of meat served with beans). As a dessert a fregoloti cake made of almonds. Among gastronomic traditions we remind you of the sbigolada, a country fair with free bigoi and aole. It takes place both in Torbole as in Nago before Lent. Graphic sourced with thanks from Hicker Photo

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Wind2.42 m/s
Cloudiness9 %
Temperature (min/max)12/15 °C
Pressure1027 hpa
Humidity44 %
Last update: 26 Nov 2022 @ 13:51

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