The sea reaches into the heart of the city – not only on the map but emotionally, too. The largest slice of nature in Kiel is the Firth. For residents of Kiel, the maritime view of the city with harbour facilities, the huge ferries and the giant portal cranes on the dock side is the best expression of their special feeling of living and belonging here. Water is the characteristic element for Kiel. This is reflected in the expanding harbour, in the international oceanic research, in the highly specialised navy and world-class water sports. And this applies to people's desire to live on the water's edge, too. Kiel, the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, is a traditional maritime and naval city. It has a lively student scene and urban charm. With the fresh Kiel air in their noses and the typical sounds of the harbour in their ears, the people of Kiel enjoy the advantages of a green city in the middle of the holiday state of Schleswig-Holstein, with parks, ferries and their own beaches. Naturally, the children of Kiel think this is great. They, incidentally, also have a maritime nickname: 'Kiel sprats', after the small, tasty smoked fish that have been a tradition here for centuries.

In economic terms, fishing is no longer a major force in Kiel. Similarly, in the same way as Schleswig-Holstein has developed from an agricultural region to a high-tech location, the capital of the Land now also sets contemporary accents. Kiel has taken up the challenge offered by structural change - and is making good use of the chances involved. Kiel is building on its maritime strengths. A completely new district - Kai-City Kiel - is going up in the heart of the city, opposite the main railway station. This pro-ject was also Kiel's contribution to EXPO 2000. Here, the state capital is opening itself again to the water. Two bridges for bicycles and pedestrians link the new district with the east and west shores. Kai-City is an impressive example of how a lively district will emerge from an industrial area where mighty ships used to be built. A vision will turn into reality. Several hundred homes and well over 1,000 jobs literally mean living and working on the water's edge.

18 °C

Clear, clear sky

Wind7.72 m/s
Cloudiness0 %
Temperature (min/max)17/21 °C
Pressure1012 hpa
Humidity72 %
Last update: 21 May 2024 @ 18:00

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