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Nicosia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus. Its main town is the island country's capital city, Nicosia. The Turkish-controlled northern part of the city is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Turkey.

Turkish-controlled areas of the Larnaca District of the Republic of Cyprus are administered as part of Nicosia District, while western parts of the Nicosia District under Turkish control are administered as part of the new Güzelyurt District.


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Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, a status it has enjoyed for 1000 years since the 10th century, though its beginnings date back 5000 years to the Bronze Age. It lies roughly in the centre of the island in the Mesaoria Plain, flanked by the beautiful northern range of Kyrenia mountains with its distinctive 'Pentadaktylos" - the five finger mountain. There are various suggestions as to the origin of the name Nicosia - or 'Lefkosia' In Greek - but the most likely one is linked to the popular tree, the tall 'Lefki ' which once adorned the city....

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