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The Mayan civilisation has also left its mark on Honduras: visit the world-famous Copán ruins near the Guatemala border; no doubt one of the most beautiful in the Mayan world.

Honduras is also home to the Garifuna people, also known as the Black Caribs, who are descendents of black slaves off 2 sunken Spanish ships who married local women and gave birth to a whole new culture. The Garifuna were fearsome warriors and held their own against the European colonisers. The English, concerned about their future of their colonial islands due to the unexpected number of Garifunas living in their new territory, promised the Garifunas a land of their own. In April 1797 the Garifunas first set foot in Honduran territory.


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The islands boast splendid beaches and unspoilt coral reefs, making them a heaven for scuba divers and vacationers. The departmental capital is Coxen ... READ MORE

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