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Yangon Division is dominated by its capital city of Yangon, the former national capital and the largest city in the country. Other important cities are Thanlyin and Twante. The division is the most developed region of the country and the main international gateway. The division measures 10,170 km² (3,927.15 square miles).

Of the division's estimated population of 5.56 million in 2000, more than 4 million lived in the Greater Yangon metropolitan area. The indigenous Burmese (mainly, Bamar, Kayin and Mon) make up the majority of the population. The division is also home to a large number of Chinese and South Asians. The majority of the inhabitants are Theravada Buddhists, followed by Muslims and Christians. Burmese is the primary language used by Burmese of all ethnic backgrounds. English is the main second language among the urban elite of Yangon.


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Pazundaung Township is a township located in the southeastern part of Yangon, Myanmar....

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