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  • Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

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    At Esplanade Zagreb Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia, guests will find everything they expect from a luxury hotel, right from the fairytale exterior, the elegant accommodations, a gift shop, restaurants and a health club that includes fitness facilities, massage and beauty salon. Our elegant hotel has an excellent selection of wedding venues for small, intimate weddings or large, spectacular events, and these wedding venues are also suitable for other functions such as private meetings, cocktail receptions and many more. Esplanade Spa the onsite spa at Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is an oasis of calm and tranquility where guests can enjoy a delightful, pampering spa experience.

  • Holiday Hotel

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    At Holiday Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia, we welcome guests with disabilities, and our hotel is the ideal destination for business and leisure travellers visiting our historic city. Our spacious rooms all have air conditioning and are fully equipped to ensure guests enjoy comfortable stays with us. Holiday Hotel offers multifunctional spaces suitable for up to 300 guests and is perfect for wedding receptions, seminars, business meetings, conferences and other events. For smaller, more intimate wedding receptions for up to 90 guests we recommend Restaurant Zagreb, it has its own entrance and offers privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the main hotel.

  • Velika Gorica

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    Velika Gorica is a town in Zagreb county, Croatia.

  • Aristos Hotel

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    Aristos Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia, first opened its doors in 2003, and with its ideal location, excellent services and facilities, has become a popular destination for business and leisure travellers. Our congress centre has seven multifunctional halls are perfect venues for workshops, meetings, seminary and other events and we offer professional service and expert support to ensure successful events. Aristos Hotel is also a popular choice of wedding venue, and the Tiara restaurant with its romantic ambiance, can host up to 190 guests. The elegant Grand Hall with a capacity of 140 guests and specially designed lighting, is another favoured wedding venue for memorable celebrations.

  • The Botanical Gardens

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    The Botanical Gardens in Zagreb, Croatia, is many things to many people, and it provides families and friends with many interesting and enjoyable hours walking around the parklike gardens, either on a guided tour or on their own, as they take in the abundance of colour, beauty and fragrances that fill the gardens. With a total of 14 greenhouses, The Botanical Gardens grows tropical and subtropical plants as well as plants used in research work, and the artificial lakes and pools provide a haven for marsh plants. The Botanical Gardens is also home to frogs, turtles, small fish, and the green lizards that lazily bask on the rock gardens are a source of enjoyment for visitors of all ages.

  • Vinodol Restaurant

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    At Vinodol Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia, guests can escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine at its best in an environment that is peaceful and relaxing, with pleasant music playing quietly in the background. Whether you are out for an intimate lunch or dinner with a special friend or enjoying your favourite Mediterranean cuisine with family and friends, Vinodol Restaurant is the place to be. Bojo, our onsite coffee bar with its modern atmosphere, is a favourite meeting place for casual get togethers, before enjoying delectable Mediterranean cuisine in our restaurant or spacious courtyard.

  • Park Maksimir

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    Park Maksimir in Zagreb, Croatia, is a national park that is dedicated to protecting, maintaining and promoting the park which is located on 316 ha of ground. Park Maksimir has many meadows, lakes and streams that provide sheltered dwellings for its varied and often endangered animal species as well as various plants. As a national park, there is an abundant bird life of approximately 104 bird species that have been recorded and include woodpeckers, tits, nuthatches and creepers. Other interestings inhabitants at Park Maksimir include squirrels, certain species of bats and various toads, frogs and pond turtles.

  • Hotel International

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    At Hotel International in Zagreb, Croatia, our aim is to provide our valued guests with home-from-home accommodation, whether visiting for business or leisure. Our spacious rooms and luxurious suites ensure that guests will enjoy comfortable and memorable stays with us, and our central location is an ideal base for fun and interesting sightseeing tours of our historic city. Hotel International is a popular venue for that important and perfect wedding ceremony, and our dedicated staff will assist in planning your special event. And at the end of the wedding ceremony, guests will be treated to excellent cuisine and a wedding reception that will be enjoyed by all.

  • Okrugljak Restaurant

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    Okrugljak Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia, is surrounded by undulating green hills and gently flowing streams, and when you step inside you are greeted by an atmosphere that is homely and welcoming. Our traditional and tasty cuisine is further enhanced by an extensive and carefully selected wine list, and this, together with the excellent service of our friendly staff, ensures diners enjoy an extraordinary culinary experience. Okrugljak Restaurant is a sought after venue for a wedding reception with up to 220 guests, as well as celebrations and other events. With our excellent experience in organising events, you can look forward to enjoying a memorable wedding reception.

  • Hemingway Lounge Bar

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    Hemingway Lounge Bar in Zagreb, Croatia, is a renowned and popular meeting place for guests who want to unwind in a relaxing atmosphere, as they look forward to a evening of fun, entertainment along with fine dining and sensible drinking. Our modern interior and warm lighting exudes a romantic atmosphere, and this, together with the excellent services of our dedicated staff, makes Hemingway Lounge Bar an ideal and popular venue for private events, parties, birthdays and many other receptions. Music plays an important role in the entertainment scene, and this is one of the reasons our guests return time and again to our lounge bar for fun evenings and successful events.