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  • Sheraton Hotel

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    Time for Lime in Koh Lanta, Thailand, is a creative and fun cooking school, restaurant and beach bar that was established in 2002, and we also have 9 cozy bungalows that are affordable and comfortable for relaxing vacations. Thai cooking classes are conducted in the open-air beachfront kitchen of our cooking school, which allows you to enjoy the spectacular ocean views as you learn to prepare tantalizingly delicious meals. Cooking classes at Time for Lime are very hands on, with plenty of cooking and tasting as you learn to cook. The beach bar at Time for Lime is a great meeting place that serves delicious drinks and authentic Thai food and snacks.

  • ZigZag Apartments and Rooms

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    ZigZag Apartments and Rooms in Zagreb, Croatia, offers many self catering apartments, and a popular choice is Apartment P4 with an ideal location in the centre of a city filled with cultural heritage, and is the ideal destination for business trips and family accommodation. Apartment P4 is a modern, self catering apartment that is suitable for up to 4 visitors, and has spacious rooms, all with modern interior design. The fully equipped, self catering apartment has a living/dining area, a well fitted open plan kitchen with everything visitors need for comfortable and enjoyable stays. Apartment P4 is just one of the many apartments available from ZigZag Apartments and Rooms.

  • Golf and Country Club

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    Golf and Country Club in Zagreb, Croatia, was established with the vision of promoting and popularizing the game of golf to be enjoyed as a recreational acitivity as well as a competitive sport. At Golf and Country Club members can enjoy not only excellent sport activities, but it also provides an excellent environment for socializing with friends, family and colleagues. At our onsite golf academy we have programs to suit age groups from 7 to 77 who are tutored by professional golf instructors. The golf academy at Golf and Country Club is conducted on a large training area complete with chipping and putting greens, and also offers advanced golfers opportunities to improve their game and techniques.

  • Spoon Restaurant

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    At Spoon Restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia, diners can look forward to daily selections of delicious home cooked meals, either hot or cold, served with fresh salads, as well as vegetarian dishes and decadent desserts. Our pleasant atmosphere and quick, friendly service ensures guests can enjoy relaxing meals with family and friends in a warm and welcoming environment. Spoon Restaurant is also a favoured wedding venue for up to 220 guests and is also suitable for many other special occasions. Impress your guests with your choice of wedding venue, and the bridal couple have an opportunity of creating their own individual wedding menu for their unforgettable wedding day.

  • Restaurant Ribarski Brevijar

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    Restaurant Ribarski Brevijar in Zagreb, Croatia, is not just an excellent seafood restaurant, our menu also includes charcoal grilled steaks, gourmet burgers and much more. Our seafood restaurant is ideally located in the centre of the city which makes it the perfect meeting place to enjoy a great meal with family and friends, and is also a popular venue for hosting birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. Restaurant Ribarski Brevijar has a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere and a tastefully decorated interior which creates a wonderful ambiance for enjoying the excellent seafood cuisine accompanied by your choice of wine selected from our extensive wine list.

  • Trenton

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  • Dubravkin Put Restaurant and Wine Bar

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    Dubravkin Put Restaurant and Wine Bar in Zagreb, Croatia, is a seafood restaurant that offers diners a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a delightful and romantic dining experience under the stars, eating their favourite cuisine. Known for serving the freshest of seafoods, Dubravkin Restaurant and Wine Bar take great care in the preparation and presentation of all their fish and shellfish cuisine as well as their wonderful seafood platters. This award winning seafood restaurant has a cozy bar with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where friends can meet for fun times, delightful meals and excellent wines, with pleasant music playing quietly in the background.

  • Skydiving Croatia

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    Skydiving Croatia in Zagreb, Croatia, is dedicated to promoting and providing exciting ways of getting the most fun out of life, and at the same time ensuring that skydivers enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our magnificent country. Skydiving is a combination of jumping and freefalling and is considered to be one of the most amazing experiences. Your adventure with Skydiving Croatia starts off with essential ground preparation regarding the jump and technique for exiting the aircraft, and once you've put on a special skydiving jumpsuit and para helmet you are set to enjoy the most amazing experience of freefalling, till the ripcord is deployed and you brace yourself for a soft landing.

  • Mimara Museum

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    Mimara Museum in Zagreb, Croatia, is ideally located near other cultural and educational institutions, and this art museum is housed in a historic building built at the end of the 19th century. Mimara Museum was first opened to the public in 1987 and houses an interesting and varied art collection that includes European art from the Middle Ages through to the 20th century, and there is a special section dedicated to art of the Near, Middle and Far East. The private art collection of the Ante Topic Mimara was donated to our art museum and this permanent exhibition includes prayer rugs, mosque lamps, Chinese Art, and other works of art.

  • Hotel Jagerhorn

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    Hotel Jagerhorn in Zagreb, Croatia, was originally built in 1827, and its unique location in a quiet area, ensures guests enjoy peaceful and relaxing stays with us. The central location and warm atmosphere of Hotel Jagerhorn is ideal for families on vacation and business travellers, and any of our comfortable and tastefully decorated suites and rooms are ideal as honeymoon accommodation. The beautiful terrace and gardens of Hotel Jagerorn allows for easy access to the city, and after an eventful and fun day exploring the many attractions of Zagreb, guests welcome the comfort of their luxury family suites or specious honeymoon accommodation.